About Us

An Expert Ecosystem Aiding MSMEs With Ease Of Doing Business

MSME is an online platform that prioritises Technology, Finance, and Policies. These three key SME-related segments help small and medium businesses explore their growth and success opportunities.

A new era of globalisation is upon us. The rapid progress of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and e-commerce ventures have made an indelible footprint on the global economy. Platforms tailored for B2B e-commerce provide sellers with global access to audiences regardless of geographic boundaries. Governments worldwide also support small businesses and startups with loan schemes, income-based tax credits, subsidies, relief funds and lending initiatives at low-interest rates.

MSME provide MSMEs with expert solutions for financing and guidance about Govt. Schemes, trade regulations and compliance, financial structuring, IT Solutions, Legal assistance and Organising Events. A wide range of trade issues are discussed to aid upcoming businesses in finding suitable funding sources and understanding the procedures to acquire the necessary financing.